• Amanda Rose

Today is your day!

Today is your day! You woke up this morning. You're alive, which means today is a day to get after it! We all have our lists of things. The big TO DO lists but what is it that you really want? Forget about the daily tasks for a moment and daydream about what you really want. What is it that your spirit is flooding you with? Maybe it's to take a dance class, go on that vacation you've always dreamed about, buy that hiking gear you've been wanting and hit the terrain, write that article or book, open that business you keep dreaming about, losing that weight, getting that new job or promotion, buying your dream home, falling in love, having a child, whatever it is TODAY IS YOUR DAY!

Today ladies, take an action step TOWARDS your goal. Get off your ass and do something! It's fun to dream but it's even better knowing you are taking real steps to achieve those dreams. Be healthy, sassy, brave and creative Creators. See you on the dance floor!

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